Over 90+ phonic worksheets covering 45 speech sounds

Over 90+ auditory exercises with scripts

45 sound stories and poems

20 Sound discovery games and activity task cards

16 Speak Tasks to develop oral language

12 Letter Formation Activity Cards

23 Multisensory Activity Cards

3 x Word Work Maps for 2, 3 and 4 phoneme words

14 page Home Learning -Teaching Guide with Day plans

An eCode sound placemat + spelling choice placemats (vowels and consonants)

45 Sound articulation flash cards

4 levels of challenge cards with pictures on one side and eCoded word on the other side.

11 Word Work cards

5 levels of Phonemic Awareness drills

6 level sight word pack (200 sight words)

Writing Poster - Bonus

Mov file of English Speech Sounds to send to parents

+ online video training and digital download resource centre

Bonus - eWrite Term 2 Plan - If Purchased Before April 21, 2020

🌟Full Term Planning (Sentence Factory Unit + Everyday Writers Unit)

🌟Term 2 Writing Lesson Task Cards

🌟Term 2 eWrite Posters

🌟Term 2 Worksheets + Writing Journal Templates

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At a time of such uncertainty it has been so simple to transition to a home learning platform with the TLC Home Learning Reading Pack. It has everything I need to support a smooth transition from class to home and the parents love having step by step instructions and access to quality resources. Jo Parmenter - Kindy Teacher

The excitement and joy Caleb expresses in learning to read is a real credit to the TLC program. I would highly recommend it to teachers who are looking for a program that will engage children in fun and innovative learning. Marty - Caleb’s dad

The TLC program is amazing. Teaching my class all 44 sounds, using actions, ditties and the emoji code visual prompts, has given them all the tools they need to get started with word building..... and there’s no holding them back! Caitlin - Class Teacher